Granite is one of the densest materials on earth and has been used on counters, walls and exterior flooring/walls over the years successfully. Contrary to some rumors, granite is not radioactive and is perfectly safe to use in any environment and gives off a beautiful look that can come in polished as well as honed and leathered. Our granites at Stoneville are from all over the world and are all premium grade directly imported from the quarries where the owners of Stoneville hand select them.

Marble is also a naturally gorgeous and unique material that is popular in interior and exterior use. A bit softer than granite, it is great for bathrooms, flooring, and walls. The beautiful veining and coloring marble provides is a match to none and a classic look to upgrade any project. All of our marbles are hand selected at the quarries, approved and brought directly to our customers.

Quartzites are truly a unique and beautiful product. They are even more dense then granite yet have the beautiful veining and look of marble. It is a great alternative to marble for kitchen useage. As everything else, it is premium grade and hand selected.