While benefitting and growing our business, we would also like to give back to our community. Our give back program lets us start our goal of helping out those who help our community the most. If you are active/veteran of the military, police, fire, school, church, temple or hospital; we want to thank you!


Member discount:

Any member of these non-profit organizations we deal with will be entitled to a 10% discount for any material purchased from Stoneville.

Superhero Discount:

Our small contribution to the real life action heroes: Military, Veterans, Teachers, Nurses, EMTs, Firefighters and Police officers get a 10% discount with their IDs.

Refer-a friend:

If you refer a friend, we will give back to your organization, or the charity fund of your choice, 5% of the net proceeds from the sale. We do not want to leave your friend out of the deal. Your friend will also get a 5% discount from the price of any material bought from us.



Check back frequently for new promotions!